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Rhythm Musical Instrument
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Jankipuram, Lucknow
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End Of Season
10% Off
ID: T-0820-0IR4TZ
Get 10% discounts on all types of guitar.
Valid Till: Not Confirmed
Closed :Sunday , [ 02:00 AM - 09:00 PM ]
 Shop no.lgf-35, basement, janaki plaza, Jankipuram Lucknow 260021
Ph.:+91- 7275017275
Terms & Condition
1. T & C applied
2. Offer may changed any time with out any prior notice.
3. Please re-confirm the offer validity just making a call to the 
4.For more details Contact: 9889201323, 7275017275
5.Email Us:
We Deals In
Teaching Guitar Teaching Keyboard Teaching Drum Selling Guitar (Ashton Guitar Havana Guitar Jva Guitar Cort Electric Guitar Cort Ibenez Cort Cutawan Electro Aeoustic Guitar Cnoceleor Drum Set Mapex Meridion Birch Marpex Drum Set)
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